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Arts Avenue Dance Class Descriptions



Ballet/Tap Combo

Ages 3-5

Our Ballet/Tap classes are designed for young dancers looking to explore multiple genres and learn the foundational skills of dance. Our ballet and tap combo classes prepare dancers in a recreational format that encourages freedom of expression with a strong emphasis on the building blocks of dance.

Classical Ballet

Levels 1-5

Our classical ballet classes are structured according to traditional technique. These classes follow a precise syllabus that enables dancers to progress based on the accomplishment of clearly articulated goals. Through this syllabus, dancers will develop strength, fluidity, musicality, and performance.


Levels 1-5

Our jazz dance classes incorporate classical jazz technique. This fluid style blends movements from classical ballet, modern dance, and other world forms. This fun, upbeat style, is a great addition to a dancer's classical and technical training.


Hip Hop

Levels 1-5

Our Hip Hop program is based on what we lovingly refer to as the "Jesus Pop" style - meaning all the great exercise with clean music and age-appropriate moves. During the course of this class, students will learn several styles of hip hop, learn the basics of breakdance and hip hop floorwork, and grow confidence in their ability to move in a way that breaks away from classical forms of dance. In the beginning levels, dancers with also be educated on the true history of the Hip Hop style. This style is great for dancers who prefer a fast paced environment and love upbeat movement and music.

Twinkle Toes

Ages 3-5

Twinkle Toes classes are designed for our youngest dancers looking to express themselves through movement. Dancers will learn the building blocks of ballet and jazz in a fun and creative environment. This class is especially good for those students who don’t care for the noise of tap shoes.


Levels 2-5

Designed for the advanced dancer, this class supplements classical ballet and jazz technique by “breaking” the fundamental rules of these genres. This class will explore free and expressive forms of theatrical and concert dance that leverage the entire body.



Levels 1-5

Our rhythm tap classes will help your child make music with their feet! Students will learn the fundamentals of tap, how tap originated, and how to make beautiful, clean sounds with their feet. As the levels progress, we introduce more complex combinations and skills.


Musical Theater/Tap

Ages 6+

Designed for musical theater students and for dancers looking to explore additional genres, this combo class trains dancers in tap and dance for musical theater techniques. These genres are great supplements to classical ballet and jazz training.



Classical pointe classes are an extension of the classical ballet classes that allow dancers to continue to refine aesthetics and strength through rigorous technique. These dancers must also be enrolled in a ballet class.


Homeschool Combo

Ages 5-12

This class is designed for homeschooled dancers looking to explore multiple genres of dance. This combo class will include ballet, jazz, and tap and prepares dancers in a recreational format that encourages freedom of expression with a strong emphasis on the building blocks of dance.


Levels 1-5

Lyrical incorporates a variety of technical movements from ballet to modern. This styles encourages freedom of movement, as dancers are lead to match the lyrics of the music with their dances.


Ballet & Technique

Levels 1-5

Our ballet and technique classes build off the curriculum implemented in our classical ballet program. Dancers will work on strengthening their technical skills through the use of tools and a series of exercises.

Pop N' Hop

Ages 3-5

Pop N' Hop is an introductory hip hop class intended for tots. This class will build on finding rhythm , connecting steps, and making moves.


Cardio & Stretch

Ages 10+

Cardio and Stretch class is for the dancer that desires more training outside of the traditional technique classes. Dancers will work on building stamina, flexibility, and agility- all of which will improve their quality of movement and performance in dance.

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