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About Us

Teaching excellence in the arts without compromising values.

Arts Avenue is a theater, dance, and music studio. We provide students with an avenue to learn different art forms in a setting that is committed to strong ethical, moral, technical, and artistic standards of excellence. 

Our classes stimulate learning, produce excellence, build self-confidence, and foster joy in the creative process. All of this is accomplished in a safe and supportive environment. We want our students and their parents to realize their ability to contribute high quality work in the arts without compromising their values.

Each class is taught by a skilled instructor, most with professional experience in their art. The teachers love kids and have a desire to nurture students and be positive role models as they teach fundamentals in theater, dance, and music, all while having a fun time!

Feel free to e-mail, call, or visit us at our studio for more details!

Meet The Team

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