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Arts Avenue Theater and Dance Studio

2023-2024 Handbook



1. Tuition is posted on the 1st of each month, and due on the 10th of each month.  Our preferred method of payment is Automatic Withdrawal, which will be run on the 4th of each month. Please go to your parent portal to set this up.  This will ensure that your payment is received on time to avoid a late fee of $15.  There is a 3% charge for credit card payments.  If you are unable to set up Automatic Withdrawal, you can pay by cash or check at the studio. PLEASE write your child's name in the memo line of your check. All checks must be made payable to: Gema Grace Dance & Choreo Productions, LLC.

If paying by cash, be sure the cash is in an envelope with a note containing your child's name on it.  There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. 

2. Students with a past due balance for two consecutive months will not be permitted to attend class until the balance is paid. Parents will receive an email notification if the family is in jeopardy of this. 

3. Families that have a negative past due balance more than twice in a year will not be eligible to audition for the Precision Performance Company or the Intersection Dance Team for the upcoming year. 

4. Sibling Discounts: Families must pay full tuition for the first child registered but will receive $10 off monthly tuition per additional family member added.

5. Hourly Discounts: Hourly discounts may not be applied across programs.

6. DANCE PROGRAM: Costume fees for the annual Spring Dance Recital are due on December 1st and are non-refundable. Costume fees for students in the Ballet/Tap Combo and Twinkle Toes classes are $65. All other classes will receive an invoice in November with their costume fee amount.  Costume fees are PER student, PER class.

7. DANCE PROGRAM: A recital hall fee of $60 per student is due on March 1st.  This fee helps pay for the recital venue and other recital related items and includes 2 parent tickets.

8. THEATER PROGRAM: A performance hall fee of $40 per student is due on the 1st of the month, month of the performance. This helps pay for the venue fees, programs, concessions, and includes 2 parent tickets.

General/Everyday Procedures:

1. Please be sure your child uses the restroom before class.

2. If someone different will be picking your child up after class, please inform your teacher or the Office Staff ahead of time by either telling them in person or sending a written note with your child.

3. Please be sure to inform your teacher if your child has any allergies or medical concerns that they need to be aware of.

4. There is no gum, food, or drinks (except bottled water) allowed in class.  We do encourage bringing water bottles since the studio does not have a drinking fountain. 

5. We do have an open lobby policy. Parents are welcome to sit in the lobby and watch their child’s class on the monitor screens. Parents are not allowed in the classroom during teaching hours.

6. In order to help ease the traffic in the lobby and hallways, we ask that parents and students are only at the studio during their class time.  

7. Drop offs more than 10 minutes before the start of class are not permitted. If there is a special circumstance that warrants an early drop off, please communicate this with an Office Manager ahead of time. 

8. Please help us keep the studio space clean. Throw away your trash and put things back where they belong.

9. Lost and found items will be kept for one week. After that, all items will be taken to Goodwill.

Adding/Dropping Classes:

1. If you need to withdraw your student from a class, notification of the withdrawal must be received in writing at least 10 days before the next billing cycle is posted.  Tuition will be charged until notification is received. You may notify us by emailing:

2. All families are required to pay a $50 registration fee when registering for a new season. This is per program (theater/dance), per family, per season (fall, spring, summer). This is non-refundable.

Parent & Student Conduct:

1. Students are asked to listen, be kind and respectful to teachers and other students in class, and to work hard and do their best. If a child exhibits poor behavior in class, we have a "3-strikes" rule. On the first instance the child will receive a warning from the teacher. On the second instance there will be a parent-teacher conference. If poor behavior continues after the second strike, the student will be dismissed from the class. In extreme classes, your child may be dismissed from Arts Avenue permanently, meaning they may not return in future years.

2. Students with dinner/snack breaks between classes in the evenings are expected to conduct themselves in a tasteful manner and clean up after themselves. If this rule is not followed, students will need to be picked up for breaks.

3. Students must be in dress code for class. Students that are not in dress code may be asked not to participate.

4. Arts Avenue Theater & Dance reserves the right to decline service to families based on poor conduct of parents/students, delinquent balances, or disloyal behavior.

Show & Recital Specifics:

1. All students MUST attend dress rehearsal for their shows, whether theater or dance. If your child is unable to attend a dress rehearsal, they are subject to removal from the show.

2. All students must have a zero balance in order to perform in any shows or competitions.

3. Dance students must have a zero balance in order to receive any recital costumes.



Additional Resources:

Staff & Teacher Directory 

2023-2024 Studio Calendar

Dress Code


For questions or more information, please contact us at:


Address: 610 N Austin Ave, Suite 125,
Georgetown, Texas 78626

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