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Arts Avenue Theater & Dance 2022-2023 Calendar


           Nov. 11 - Veterans Day - We WILL have classes on this day.

           Nov. 21-25 - Thanksgiving break. No classes.



           Dec. 3 - Georgetown Christmas Stroll.  ALL students invited to be in the


           Dec. 12-16 - Theater Combo performance during

                   class time.  Parent observation/participation in dance classes.

           Dec. 16-17 - Intersection Dance Team & Precision Performance Company Production of,                  “The Book of Matthew” at Jarrell High School.

           Dec. 19 - Jan. 6 - Winter Break. No classes.



            Jan. 6-8 - Senior Production of “Music Man” at Jarrell High School

            Jan. 9 – All classes resume.

            Jan. 16 - MLK day

            Jan. 28 - Senior non-musical production auditions (2:30-4:30)

            Jan. 30 – Senior non-musical production rehearsals begin.



            Jan. 30- Feb. 3 - NEW Spring dance classes and new sessions of Imagine It!, Theater                      Combo, and Homeschool Theater begin. 

            Feb. 10-11 - Junior Production of “Moana, Jr.” at Jarrell High School

            Feb. 17-19 - Intersection Dance Team - 8 National Talent Competition, Bastrop, TX 

            Feb. 20 - President's Day.  We WILL be having classes on this day.




           March 10-12 - Intersection Dance Team - GROOVE Dance Competition, Dallas, TX 

           March 13-17 - Spring Break. There will be no regular classes this week. *Please note that                  we follow Georgetown ISD's Spring Break.

           March 17-19 - Intersection Dance Team - Showstoppers National Talent Competition,                     Galveston, TX

           March 27-April 1- (TENTATIVE) Kids Production of, “Jungle Book, KIDS”


           April 21-23 - Intersection Dance Team - Elevation on Tour Competition, San Antonio, TX

           April 28-30 - City of Georgetown Red Poppy Festival. Some dance classes may perform.



          May 8-13 – Parent observation/participation in dance classes.

          May 8-13 – Last week of classes.  Homeschool Musical Review, Imagine It!, and Theater                  Combo performances will be during class time. 

          May 12 – Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal at Jarrell High School

          May 13 – Spring Dance Recitals at Jarrell High School

          May 19-21 - Intersection Dance Team - StarQuest National Talent Competition, Baytown, TX



           June 2-4 – (TENTATIVE) Senior Non-Musical Production

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